Sunday, November 30, 2008

Well the day has come and gone and I am wicked soar. It didn't turn out on the good side! The route was pretty simple 7 miles north, 12 miles south and 7 miles north back to City village in Cocoa, all along the water front, and it justs turns out that the wind was out of the south and at 16 mpr and climbed all dam day. So the day started out real good, started out at 7:30 and stayed there until the turn. When I turn I was able to stay at 7:30 for the next 8 miles but the wind was just a killer, it felt like I was running 6:30 and dying. By the time I hit 15, my hip flexors were screaming at me and there was no way in hell that this day was going to turn out the way I wanted, so I pulled back and dragged my behind back to the finish. What a crappy day. I think I ended up finishing around 3:55 :-(

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