Thursday, February 5, 2009

There must be some good to the cold snap, outside of freezing our rumps off, yesterday was one of the good things. There was the swim no biggy, but the run at lunch well that was cool. The sun had come out and warmed the air to about 54 and the Alberta clipper that was pushing in was just about on us, the wind was blowing out of the west and at a pretty clip say 15 to 20 mpr? it was cold....

Any way the run was 68 min and as you know were only in z1 build time which in English means its starting all over again and the runs are slooooowwww. As I headed out 34 min out and 34 min back I wasn't sure how many miles I would go since as soon as I started out I could feel the wind hit me head on. Think... what did Tim say oh yea bottom half of Z1 first half top of Z1 on the way back.

This was cool, the cold, was just what I need to give me that sence of confidence that is was coming back (that is my speed) pretty fast;
Mile 1 8:43 Avg 136
Mile 2 8:31 Avg 134
Mile 3 8:52 Avg 137 VERY WINDY
Mile 4 8:47 Avg 138 wow I made it to 4
Turning around and wind to my back
Mile 5 8:13 Avg 141
Mile 6 8:09 Avg 143
Mile 7 8:08 Avg 143
Mile 8 8:21 Avg 142
way cooooool

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