Sunday, March 1, 2009

Did someone say we were in February? Did I miss it - wait isn't today March, wow this posting bizz is getting out of hand..

The whole month has been a blur, what with traveling, being sick and trying catch up with the whole out thing, some how the month zipped right by. But I think I might be able to keep this pace (lest see twice a month?) na.. I try harder.

On a personal note were getting real excited about the first 5K Run/Walk and 10K Run a race being put on in Longwood, FL to benefit "Pathways to Care" and the race has a web site, simple but effective. We are hoping to make this race an annual one and planning hard to make it a great success - the race site is

Some of you know the race calendar is set this year, Rhode Island (70.3 half Ironman)in July and Cozumel (full Ironman) in November, so were off to the races. This last weekends workout was pretty decent, the 4 hour bile ride was just over 70 miles in Zone1 while the run was still a little hard on the quads but still got in the 10.2 miles in just 1:29:40 or just at 8:32 pace, funny cause I tried to use the shot blocks and that just doesn't go into the blood stream fast like the gels, so will keep working on the right combination.

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