Sunday, March 8, 2009

I finally see what the coach was talking about; this week the quads have been really been soar and the training rides/run has been a bit on the challenge side to stay in Zone1, and when I do, the ride is slow or the run is slower, but its time and I know thats the purpose for the volume.

The calendar was as follows.
Monday - Swim, Weights
Tuesday - 2hour Bike-Z1 & Run 1Hour RZ
Wednesday - Swim & Run 1:30 Z1 -10.2 Miles -Avg 8:49 and 140HR
Thursday - Bike 2 1/2 hours Z1 trainer
Friday - Swim & Run 1:25 Z1 -9.6 Miles -Avg 8:45 and 141HR
Saturday - Bike Long ride Z1
Sunday - Bike RZ and Run 1:29:44 8:55 pace 10.05 miles
The legs are pretty tired buts it's time to keep pushing to get them to a stronger base. On the nutrition side all seems to be in check, although the plan went out the window this weekend - some how I need to figure out how to get the discipline to continue on into the weekend WOW!!

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