Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mid week report on the new build period, I have to admit I love this period when I get to get out of the base (boring) time, anyway the results will be given twice weekly on Wed and Sunday night. This Tuesday was an hour plus on the trainer with a 10min BST (Best Sustainable Time or Effort) and of course since I am in the build period I have slapped the SRM watts meter on, so the readings will be the Wattage in Z1 and the Avg in the BST- It looks as though for the whole Bike I avg 164 watts & 126 HR, it looks like the BST was and avg 200 with the HR 142 (need to remember how to push buttons) anyway the run after wards as a 7:12 pace in Z2 for the first mile and on into Z1 after that.

As far as the Pool work out today for the "Big Score" I think this is what the coach was looking for, the score was 400TT=6:26, 200TT=3:21, 200TT=3:23, 100TT=1:39 for a total of 14:49-I think? what ever the score is the arms were pretty tired.

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