Sunday, March 22, 2009

Recap time and well its there, but it needs a little fine tuning, this weekend was the base test to see how far I have come, and well we will keep working it. Saturday was the 10K and the first couple of miles were going smooth, settled in around 6:44 and was getting into a grove when I start to feel this slapping on my leg, looking I confirmed what I didn't want to know, that one of my shoes had come un-done! Thinking to myself what would be the worst that could happen? Yea that probably would not be good, tripping and landing on my face - ok plan B, pull over and tie quickly so off I plan the little pit stop, and sure enough I can see the left completely flying around the right way loose - you have got to be kidding, ok 10 maybe 15 seconds go by and I am up and running, this time trying to dial back in to the 6: anywhere but the closer I got to south of 7: the heavier I couldn't breath - wow this going to suck.

The more I tried the harder it was to breath and my legs were starting to feel like hell, so were going to just get through this and try to get closes to 43 or below, so the race ended and I came in at 44:47 and 5th place, I actually think that was a PR and had I not stopped for a shoe, I would probably been top 3 CRAP....

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