Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Running is getting easier and Florida is getting warmer. Today's post is for the coach for mid week Z1 report. The temp was about 74 and very humid, as you can see I tried to stay in the lower sections of Z1, butt I ended up all over the place and finished up 9.66 miles averaging 8:28 HR 138, as you can see from the chart, the trip back I was kind of stuck at the top of the Zone, but I am please with where I am although I would have like to be closer to 8:00 by the end of BASE? Thats it for the week in Zone1. Full Report HERE

Sunday's run was all over the board, didn't know it was going to get as warm as it did and I wanted to sleep in so I went running around 11:30 when it was near 85 degrees. Any way I manged to get in 8.3 miles in at 1:21:07 and avg 140HR and avg over 9:00 pace and never found a good pace to run, I was all over the board!!!

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