Sunday, March 15, 2009

Well so much for keeping up, I wanted to post on the weekend and mid week and well as you can see that didn't happen. I am not sure if it's a age thing or just to dam busy, but clearly I wanted to but I go to look and its Saturday..

The base is starting to improve even thought times might not show, but as much as I have been asking for warm weather it finally came and all of the runs have been in the mid day where its just been beautiful (warm but who cares);

Monday Swim & the Gym
Tuesday 2 hour Bike in the am and 30 Rz run way to easy
Wednesday Swim in the am and afternoon run 89 min Z1 avg 8:40 10.2miles
Thursday Crazy day missed workout Friday Swim, made up part of the bike Saturday, Made up the rest of the bike 5 hour bike ride Avg 129 (strong ride)
And today decided to sleep in and will be doing 1:30 Rz Ride followed by a 85 min run.

Although my glut is still soar the nutrition is coming along just right, I feel strong on the rids and runs as well as I feel better most of the time. Plus the weight looks to be coming off slowly. Maybe we can get the wed in this week??

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