Sunday, April 26, 2009

Everyone is wondering about the swim? I think its time to bring the salt tabs out, I know it could of been just a coincident, but it felt like I was wearing a layer of salt when I hoped off the bike and headed for a run Saturday, only to have it confirmed when about mile 2 into the run I started getting cramps and right in the same spot it happens when I am dehydrated and it was pretty humid and sorry to say getting hot!
The Zone 2's are getting hard again to maintain for the long period, but we all know what that means, training is starting to notch it up, and pain will be a barometer of sustainability. Like today's run, you could tell as I was ending the Z2 portion of the run, the fade was coming on, luckily it was at the end, but funny thing it was hard to get INTO Z2, I had to step it up pretty hard then back it down, strange!! Needles to say very happy so far..
Sunday's Run (after R-z Spin)
Mile 1 8:13 HR 137
Mile 2 8:11 HR 136
Mile 3 8:05 HR 139
Mile 4 8:11 HR 136
Mile 5 8:07 HR 139
Mile 6 8:09 HR 141
Mile 7 8:26 HR 139 Traffic light
Mile 8 7:26 HR 144
Mile 9 7:25 HR 145
Mile 10 7:36 HR 149
Mile 11 6:52 HR 149 .85 of a mile
Numbers speak for them self!!

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