Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter to all!!
The weekend was good! Took Friday off work to spend time with Toni, Saturday's ride was a little tough, seem like my HR just didn't want to come down, I guess I was just physically tired? I was able to get out on the bike for 4+ hours with an hour of Z2 ride (which wasn't really that hard, since I felt like I was really working to keep it in Z1, any way the 40 min Z1 run afterwards was nice - I think I was @ about 8:40 pace.

Sundays workout was much better, 60 min on the Bike R-mode then combined both run works together(sorry Tim - but it's Easter:-) so the run ended up being 1:33 with 24min Z2, it was really a nice run, check it out;

Mile 1 8:28 Avg HR 130
Mile 2 8:27 Avg HR 136
Mile 3 8:28 Avg HR 138
Mile 4 8:33 Avg HR 139
Mile 5 8:37 Avg HR 138
Mile 6 8:25 Avg HR 143
Mile 7 8:44 Avg HR 141
Mile 8 8:00 Avg HR 149
Mile 9 7:51 Avg HR 153
Mile 10 8:02 Avg HR 150
Mile 11 9:34 Avg HR 136 Cool off
Good Stretch off and off to spend the day Toni & her family

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