Sunday, April 19, 2009

I love the race weeks, they gear down to some sort of race on the weekend, and that's what happen last week, swim workout shifted one day and one day lighter - oh and a day off Yeppe!! :-)

This race was the first Tri of the season and I was ready for it and excited since I haven't done a Sprint Tri in some time (they are short in distance and last typically and hour or so) and are kind of like GO LIKE A BAT OUT OF HELL. Not the case for me, coach tells me what to race like and & try my darnedest to do it just that way - not always the case...

This Sunday was go out swim strong, bike at 245 watts and run out at 6:52 and hold for dear life. Well as it turns out (don't have all the numbers yet) I was pretty close swim was 8 and some change the bike was 32:40 with an average watts of 234 :-( off a bit, which is weired cause every time I looked I was at 240'sh or higher but the speed was cool 22.65 mpr and the run was around 21:00 I think (still waiting for them to post the splits- embarrassing to say but I forgot my watch at home, its always something) I will update later tonight. the total was 1:05:33 and I was 1st place in my AG WAY COOL!!

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