Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A shout out to the Coach,
Got the splits finally (oh bye the way, actually didn't forget the watch - it fell out of my bag in my office - found it Monday) Any way very stoked with the results. Now I know it had a little to do with the swim being short, but I am still excited about the rest of the performance.
Here are the numbers;

Swim 8:25
T-1 1:31
Bike 33:08 22.25 MPR
T-1 1:06
Run 21:33 6:56 Pace

I know this might be hard for some to understand but during the run part of the race when I get tired i tend to loose form, slow the turn over and eventually slow down, now mind you this is not from running out of power, I have always just kind of well... given up, it's like I get tired so I just slow down rather then dig deep and run it out. Well this was a milestone race for me (small race but nonetheless an eye opener) during the run I thought only about form - fast turn over and PACE, passed a couple of young guys (that got me going) made the turn and started heading back and.... started to get tired - rather then do the same as usual, this time I concentrated on form and kept telling myself to keep running and push it all the way to the line, I am sure the last mile was faster then the first two.

Very excited - Thanks

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