Thursday, April 9, 2009

The week hasn't been good to me, I really hate the uncertainty of traveling - its the missing or the flights just don't get there when they are suppose to let alone take off on time. And this week was no different then the rest of the messed up travels. Was suppose get in and out Atlanta and onto to Chattanooga where I should have got my hard ride in and with the intreval work, but life is as it is and after 2 hours of delays, got to hotel just in time to change and off to a dinner meeting (hopefully a light one) and then get the work out in - good plan but nope... the bike was broke CRAP!!

The Coach say you miss it thats it (I really like those too..) screw it, concentrate on getting the run in to the Y then a swim then back to the hotel (running - gosh I love the cool north weather) 3400 yards monster swim - wow those are tough swim work outs.

Today was a great pick me up though, its "Incline Thursday", hour run with 6 15% grade dog runs on the treadmill , when they are done, the legs really feel like rubber but what a gas, 6 one min inclines pushing the HR to 160, 161, 161, 163 and 2 at 164 killer ones at the end. So the weekend should be a good test of wear the bike is at with just under 4 hours on the bike in Z1 and an hour in Zone 2 with a 40 min run afterwards, will see.....

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