Monday, May 11, 2009

Does this remind you of anything? A no? its FLORIDA and its hot. OK at this point I want to retract all that crying I did about the cold and I want it back, I spent 7 days in the 56 to 70 degree sometimes cloudy cover and ran all the time with great times, only to come home to the scotching heat. Saturday I surprised myself by waking up (those long 9 hour plane rides kill me) so I went on and met Harold out on the road to ride for 4 hours and the a hour run. I could tell the heat was starting to kick in by 9 and it was climbing very fast, by the time I got off the bike and on to the T-Run (suppose to be in zone 1) it was close to 94 and all of that Florida humidity, needless to say I was not able to stay even remotely close to Zone 1, after trying to run in Zone 1 for 20 min, I gave up, it was just too hot.

Sunday was a little better, only because I was able to get out and run before it got to "asphalt cooking hot" and the numbers wasn't all that bad considering the heat and humidity, The first 6 miles were at about 8:35 per mile and the last 5 miles were at 8:20 (had one mile had to stop and get my head straight - heat got to me) but then picked it back up and finished back on pace. still off about 40 to 45 seconds off.

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