Sunday, May 3, 2009

Paris run was nice, A little bit on the edge, seeing how the road didn't have any sort of sidewalk, it was more like running on the burm and when cars would come I would just pop of on the gravel then pop back on the road, lucky it was Sunday quiet sort of (it is Disney area) funny fly 10 hours only to be by Disney Europe.

We arrived in Paris on Friday morning which was really Thursday night (no more about the time change-its hard trying to live both sides of the Atlantic) anyway Friday was basically a waist since it was May day for the French which simply ment not much was going on since the whole country was on a holiday (it's similar to our Labor day, but they kind of protest-don't understand?) and we were just dead ass tired, since neither one of got much sleep on the plane and when we got here it was 7:00 am and we didn't want to sleep and not be able to sleep normal French time-that might have been a mistake!!
,Br> The run itself was good, part 1, Zone1 8.1 miles was 1:06:10 (8:10 Pace) avg 136HR and the second part Zone2 5.05 miles was 32:45 (6:29 Pace) and 149HR, now mind you the weather was great, it was 2:30 in the afternoon and the temp was about 56 degrees and cloudy. And seeing how I just woke up a couple of hours earlier, yes you read right - was up and out in the city till 3:00 a story for another day. All and all Sunday was a day to recover from the long day in the city Saturday, but I got to see The Cathedral of Notre-Dame and the famous Eiffel Tower during the day and at night beautiful....

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