Sunday, May 31, 2009

Saturday and Sunday torture to the Legs
Mental note - "Slippery when wet" & "objects may be closer then they appear" are things we really don't need to test, going to have to add one to that list, "Leave the Scheduling to the coach" screwing with the coaches calendar didn't seem to be a biggy, but when its all said and done, my legs are DEAD. I shifted the week out by one day and instead of resting (which really means swim)didn't think it would be a deal, Friday do a 75 min run with speed work, Saturday ride 5 hours with 1 1/2 hours of hard ridding with a 45 min run afterwards and on Sunday ride 90 min followed by a 2 hour run with 45 min of zone 2 (running strength work) and its Sunday afternoon and I feel like I ran a Marathon ouch....

So were good with leaving that sort of stuff alone now. I need to concentrate on nailing the fluids down, it seems this is what maybe getting me to a fluster spot again, the humidity has really been high and of course its Florida so its hotter then HELL, this morning at 6:00 it was 78, buy the time i got to the run its was 82 and when I finished it was 85 and full sun, I think I am not getting enough fluids which is causing me to get the dizzy feeling and light headed especially since its so humid. Tim, I will reach out to you to confirm, stats for the weekend;
Mile 1 8:31 HR 128
Mile 2 7:59 HR 137
Mile 3 8:10 HR 138
Mile 4 8:23 HR 135
Mile 5 8:13 HR 140
Mile 6 8:10 HR 142
Mile 7 8:14 HR 144
Mile 8 8:34 HR 141
Mile 9 8:31 HR 138
Mile 10 9:01 HR 139 Waited to cross
_Mile 11 8:31 HR 151
_Mile 12 7:51 HR 149
_Mile 13 7:44 HR 149
_Mile 14 7:41 HR 150
_Mile 15 7:57 HR 152
Mile 16 8:57 HR 128
_indicates strength work (Zone2) It was getting real hot and I forgot to cap my head which mad it hotter...

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