Friday, May 29, 2009

The speed time is upon us and will be here for the next three weeks, love this period. Today was the first speed workout for running (Run 75 min as 25-30 min @ Z1, 3xmile @Best Sustainable Effort! (BSE)/3min easy, 1x800 @BSE/2:30 easy, Cool Down to 75 min @ ZR/Z1.

And it being the first speed workout it would not be unusual for me to blow up on the first attempt, well it wasn't the norm, but needless to say it was a blow out, after a great warm up averaging just above 8 pace and then the 3 miles BSE.

Instructions from the Coach was "Go out conservative!" I tried to out conservative and I thought I was since I felt strong at mile 2 but with in 1/2 a mile I got dizzy and had to stop for a 30 sec (stopped the watch) then took off the last half mile very strong but when I was finished with the 3 miles I was trashed, and even after the rest I was unable to sustain the 800, I was getting to dizzy. It was warm and very humid, but I think my conservative could of been a bit slower.

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