Friday, May 15, 2009

This first week back seem to go by like a blur, I think I would have preferred to stay in Paris :-) but all things must get back to normal, Training for RI 70.3 is starting to reach its pinnacle and the next block which I start on the 17th of May should test me in stamina, strength and perseverance! The week was challenging trying to get it started, what with the beastly heat and the working thing, its tough going.

Tuesday's bike W/O was pretty intense with the 4 10 min BST these things are challenging to do, when they are over its cool to look back, but during.... OUCH! Same with the run on Thursday with 8 Hill repeats, shooting up the treadmill (seeing how theres not a hill within 15 miles of me) to 15% is crazy, everyone at the Y thinks I am a nut. In fact when I did them this yesterday, the women next to me said she had to move as I was making her tired just being right next to her. I got it down to a science, run out side for 20 to 30 mins depending on the length of the work out, then jump on a treadmill crank it up all the way to 15% grade then drop the speed to 6, with long driving strides start running just under 10 pace for one full min, which just about takes my breath away literally!!

Those two workouts give me a sense of accomplishment when they are done also some wicked tired boy parts..

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