Sunday, May 17, 2009

Yesterday (Saturday) was the norm, Bike followed by a run. The bike and the run were a good quality workout, even though the run was tough dealing with the sun, it was 90 when I started running and applying the half way mark from Z2 and my normal Z1 pace was difficult since the more I tried to split the two the more my HR climb. But the bike was steady and good numbers.

Today was spent out at 70.3 Florida, good to see the Pro's go off and see my friends hit the swim and come out to T1 and onto the bike and since they will be out there for awhile, seems it would be good for a run. So off to change and try to get in most of the run here since I had the time. A total of 12 miles in 1:37:10 8 miles in Z1 Avg 8:27 (heat) with HR avg 138, the Zone 2 workout was getting to the end and the hottest part of the run 4 miles 7:40 and a HR of 149. Very pleased with the run considering the heat.

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