Thursday, June 4, 2009

Cripps I am dammed if I do and dammed if I don't - the Humidity is dam high in the morning and the sun is too high and hot in the afternoon, so how to train....

This morning was not to different from last week! I am convinced I am just not really good with humidity, so next week I will try my hands with the sun and less humidity. I know as soon as I started out that it was not going to be an easy run, I could tell by the time I got through the first mile I was sweating horribly and I had 2 to go before a speed 5K workout section and a ! mile repeat was coming. I could tell the air was thick and my inhaler wasn't helping.

I did the first 3 miles at the normal pace of 8:20, then off on the 5K BSE and just like last week overheated this time at mile 2 (stopped for about a min) then finished the 3 mile (lap 4,5 & 6 with an avg pace of 7:08) then the rest period lap 7 then tried to push the last mile, but i would start heating up again so I just finished the last 2 1/2 mile in Z1 Avg just over 9 pace crazy - now I am not sure whats worst, humidity or heat, so next week going to bike in the am and try the run at the noon hour and see if I get farther...
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