Thursday, June 11, 2009

The humbling effort of the humidity is overwhelming. If I keep fighting it, I know it's well worth it, but wow it's HARD. for the last couple of days the temp has roared into the 90's and the humidity is upwards of 74 to 82% in the early mornings. So my outside efforts are not as productive and effective (not sure about that one) as I had hoped. It seems my core is getting so hot trying to combat the humidity by cooling its overheating and giving me lightheaded or dizzy spells, and its had to maintain the speed. The first part of the week wasn't bad since the BST work was inside on the trainer and the outside runs were either Recovery Zone or Zone1 type work outs.

Today however was an unavoidable outside "speed workout" so outside I go..... The run was a couple mile warm up for which I purposely went out on the bottom side of Zone 1 averaging 8:15 @ 135HR then I took off for the 5K speed run, trying to go out a little conservative and hit 7:13, 7:08 and 7:24 (it was towards the last part of the 3rd mile where I was overheating again, this time I finished the mile) then a 3 1/2 min rest followed by a 1 mile BST which I died on towards the end but finishing it at 7:12. I rested for 3 min and clearly I was spent finishing the last 2 miles at well over 9:30 pace and just trying to cool the core. I have to wonder, is the effort the same or more effective as running in cooler weather? Am I getting the same work out even though the time doesn't reflect it? If I went to cooler weather would I be able to run 6:15 or 6:30 pace?

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