Saturday, June 6, 2009

Today was Testing day. The day was to see how a new mixture would help the electrolytes which will help to off set the sweat rate, which for me is huge and also the reason I have a bad runs on hot days, so here is the info;
Product mixture VitaCoCo Size (11.1 Oz) (1 1/2 added to 33 oz bot) 60 Calories, 40mg Sodium, 680mg potassium, 15gm Carbs (15 Sugar) PowerBar Endurance 1 Scoop (3 added to 33 oz bot) 70 Calories, 190mg Sodium, 10mg potassium, 17gm Carbs (9 Sugar)

Test total per Bottles Size (33 Oz) 300 Calories, 630mg Sodium, 710mg potassium, 72gm Carbs (42 Sugar)

Conditions :-( not as hot as I would of liked (cloud cover and in the low 80 degrees)

Results I used 3 bottles (4th was a small bottle which had water and 2 scoops of powerbar only and was used in the last hour as a supplement) for the ride, each bottle is good for an hour and a half. and I took one powerbar Gel every 30 min or 1/2 power bar. The first 3 hours were ok and I was staying hydrated and going through the drinks as planned, during 4 hour I started to get a little bloated and when I it the prescribed to go into Z2 for the 100 mins I was ok for the first 30 min but after that I started to develop abdominal pains which seem to get worse to the point I had to slow to get the pain to go away and at one point had to stop and walk for a min (not good), I was by a gas station so I stopped in to get some GasX and water, it seem the water is what immediately what re leaved the pain.

Take away I believe there is something to the coconut water, in the case of today's test I think the mixture was to much of the CoCo added and the effects were not enough water in the drink. So I think cutting the combination down will prevent the abdominal pain, although I had to cut the run short due to lightning I seem to be a little bloated during the 2 miles which is probably due to same as above.

I did like the taste although it does get a bit to sweet when it warms up (I froze the bottles the night before) but over all, I think once I cut the mixture it will help.

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