Monday, June 15, 2009

The training is getting strange, it seems that this being one of the final all out weeks for volume and effort turns a lot of effort for little results in the sense of outcomes. Yes, the volume was their but with the rising heat, it seamed the results were over shadowed by lack of performance. I know the volume weeks are hard, GOT THAT but I just thought I was see a little more performance and to think I actually wanted to move where its warmer.....

Saturdays ride the temp was 78 @ 5:00 am thats just insane oh and 70 humidity. I was under a little time constraint so I used the trainer time method 390/1.2=325, so I put a a little over 4 hours on the bike and another hour on the trainer later in the day. todays ride was an all Z1 ride and I tried to stay as steady as possible however I did give my self an extra 3 beats into Z2 simply because of the heat and humidity. I plugged an hour of solid steady effort (after a warm up of an hour) marked "Steady" this will give a good Watts Vs HR review, (1 hour, 180.3 watts, 132.2 HR and a flat Avg. 19.4-MPR) not to bad. The run afterwards well was just a run it was close to high noon and a blazing 92 which felt like 96 not a good time to run, not even sure what my splits were somewhere in the near 8:50 pace.

Sunday was no better in fact I think the humidity was worse, anyway 1:40 min and 11.5 miles the zone two looked like my normal zone 1 runs, but none the less it wasn't that pretty (I think my legs were pretty shot) in my Zone one sections I was avg 8:40 and Zone two I was avg just around 8:10 hu.. exhausting!

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Robert Lejeune said...

I don't know how you can run in that kind of weather, I am so not done to train with high humidity.

Thumbs up to you :)

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