Sunday, June 21, 2009

Tried the race once, and didn't like it too well, so I tried them again, other then they got timing, it really isn't worth the money to do there race. I'm sorry when the heats in the 90's you got to have something that rehydrates, refuels or replenishes better then water and well thats all we got today "warm water", so no more! On a bright side the ocean was basically flat and cool and when the swim was finished clearly it was short, I know I've improved but common 18:35 for 1.5 LOL. The day went like this;
Swim 18:35
T-1 1:47
Bike 1:13:30
T-2 1:12
Run 1:00:30 Wow, that was bad!!
There is just noting to say about that but wow! pretty sure I didn't get enough to drink on the bike since it was so hot, and as soon as I started the run I started cramping after one mile, like I said.. WOW!!


Robert Lejeune said...
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Robert Lejeune said...

1.5 km in 18:35 ... wow I wish I could swim that fast ;)

John C. Barrett said...

Yea... I am quite sure the swim course was way short, cause I am NOT that fast :-)

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