Sunday, July 12, 2009

What a wonderful venue for a 70.3 race, tough but cool place. The race started out way south of providence, down on the southern beaches of Narragansett area called Point Judith. we staged our bikes the day before and took a 45 min bus ride south on race morning. The storms had moved in the night before as predicted and the rain fall had stopped just about 4:00 am, however the effects were still lingering on - heavy winds extreme chop and cold and wet roads.

The announcement of delay was surely coming as the swim course was a disaster, all the makings laied out in a perfect square were no longer in any form of a course and even if they were not sure seeing them was going to be easy since the chop was heavy and about 1 to 2 feet I think the term is washing machine - so OK just conditions, look at the bright side all that wind at your back on the bike as they say up here "wicked cool"!!

OK so heads right and the count down starts, BANG! and off we go in to the sea. It was just what I expected hard to breath lots of swallowed sea water and hard to get out (remember swimming is NOT my strength) so I am sure I swam longer then most since I kept going left -anyone know why this happens?

Coming in at just 37 min (not all bad considering) wet suit striped and off to T1. As I am running out of the T area with my bike I notice the handle bars moving but the wheel is not, this could be a problem - crap! Back to T1 and to the bike repair tent, sure enough moron (me) didn't tighten the two screws - not to worry only a few mins, I can overcome just get the bike on the road and move. Out on the course the wind is PUSHING me good and while I am concentrating on keep the cadence at 89 and the watts at 202 watts I am moving about 24 miles an hour - this could be fun. Fifteen miles out we make the turn inland and the wind is still behind but course is tuning to the hills concentrate 202 and 259 max on climbs, first hill I am pegged at 380 oboy!!! time to back off and spin up. Moving pretty good though the hills speedily all of sudden the back tire starts to fish tail WHAT NO... crap a flat on a the back disk. This would be the first time to change one of these other then watching in the bike shop and it was not as easy as they made it look, I struggled for 8 mins getting that dam tire off the rim that was strong glue. I also spent another 10 min trying to figure how to get the tire on and filled with air - cripes what a waist of 15 mins on the side of the road - anyway back at the ride, finished the ride at 3:01 I think I push a little harder trying to make up for some lost time.

Back in town and onto the run, ok here is where the shit hit the fan about .4 into the fist mile they think its funny to throw a huge hill at you that is like 1/2 mile long and insane probably 8% grade followed by down then up then up - you get the point. Make the turn and back to the start all the same just mostly down. I made the first loop in just under 50 way to fast and on my way out of the finish area on the way down a hill I felt my back get jarred pretty hard and the wind went out of me, this was painful with every step, tried to stop and stretch out the back - that seam to help but clearly going down hills was just painful as hell and this last lap was going to hurt. Well as it turned out that was an understatement, that last lap took me 1 hour and 12 min of painful jog, stop, stretch, Advil and run... So the race gave me a learning experience, that's a plus :-) ended up with 37:43 on the swim, 3:01:33 on the bike and 2:06:24 on the run total 5:51:48 not the best but hey I finished it despite the day!!


Jake said...

Congrats, buddy! Changing a tubular sucks!!!!

D10 said...

Great job! Hope the back is feeling better.

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