Saturday, August 1, 2009

The fun of Balancing Training, planning a wedding running a business in a very crappy environment and all this in a very short 4 month time frame till the big race, but I know the miles on thew road (Bike) will keep the sanity together (so yes Tim, you can pile them on). Time is getting away from me as you can see with these postings. I think its been a week, but since I'm not counting you shouldn't either. The SRM is back and will be getting that back on the bike this weekend (very excited to have it back) and will start tracking that again.

Its a big week here around the homestead this week, what with Toni's birthday on Tuesday, Jessica's yesterday and mine Tuesday, century mark for both of us ouch.....
The run has been coming along, I didn't fall to far back since I only rested for a week. Wednesday's run was just under 9 miles and just under 9 pace (I can get that down if I would just stop talking) as you can see by Fridays, since I ran alone I put in the same miles with an average pace of 8:40 see talking is not always beneficial.

And today was a great pace bike day, put in just over 75 miles in around 4 hours all in Z1 with a 30 min not so easy run (same ole HEAT) anyway looking forward to building on it.

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